Having a hard time finding what you are looking for? We are here to help. Pet Care Information home page photo kitten with paw across golden retriever's eyes

Having a hard time finding what you are looking for? We are here to help.

Searching for answers about your pet's health issues? Want to know how to raise your new puppy to be your best friend? Need to litter box train your cat?  The Animal Clinic at Thorndale has hundreds of pages of pet care information on our website just waiting for you to read! The doctors and staff at the Animal Clinic at Thorndale are in the process of updating all the information on our website. Our goal is to make the site more user friendly, more informative, fun and easy to navigate. We know that pet owners often begin searching for information about their pet's health using Internet resources. As discussed in our last blog, Dr. Google searches may be hazardous to your pet's health if not performed carefully.

Our goal is to give you the information you need, all just a few clicks away. In our General Pet Care section we discuss vaccines, parasites, spay and neuter procedures, dental care and microchips. Below are the lists of topics currently available, specific to dog and cat owners. If you have a question about a medication your pet is taking, you can read about many of the medications we commonly dispense on our Medications Commonly Dispensed by Veterinarians pages.

But wait - there is much, much more! If you have a topic in mind, just type it in our "Search" box and all the pages and related blogs on your topic will pop up.  Our services provided page also has links to detailed information about each of the services listed.

And if that is not enough, or you have a topic which we have not included, we are more than happy to write a page about your pet care concern. We know that if you have a question, other pet owners also likely share your concern. Just give us a call at 610-873-4091 or send us an email at AnimalClinicAtThorndale@Verizon.Net and we will be happy to write a pet care information page for you.

We will let you know when our updated website is up and running.

Here is a listing of our current articles for dog and cat owners.

Pet Care Information for Dog Owners:

Pet Care Information for Cat Owners:

For even more information about cats, we also recommend Cornell Feline Health Center.