Labrador dog in car hanging out of window. Driving safely with your dog

Driving safely with your dog keeps everyone protected.

We love to take our dogs with us in the car.  Have you ever thought what would happen to your furry friend if you had a car accident? Laws require people to buckle up when getting into a car, but rarely do we do the same for our canine friends.  Read on we have some tips for driving safely with your dog.

Why all of the concern about driving safely with your dog?

Did you know that distracted driving can be caused by not only your cell phone, but by the family pet? It’s important to be safe together on the road.  Research suggests that your pet should be secured safely in your vehicle.

  • Pet travel harnesses come in two forms, those that only prevent distraction and those that provide actual crash protection. Choose wisely! 
  • The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) encourages pet parents to select a quality crash-tested harness to protect your pet and family should an accident occur.
  • Allowing pets to put their heads out of the car window is dangerous for many reasons.  Flying debris or a pet that jumps out of a window can cause significant injury and can be costly.
  • Small dogs may travel in a carrier. Crash tests show that using a seat belt to secure a carrier can actually crush the carrier (depending on the type of carrier used) if you get into an accident.  The safest place to put the carrier is on the floor of the vehicle behind the front passenger or driver seat.

Did You Know?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates human products to protect consumers from false advertising of a product.  Pet products, however, are not classified as consumer products so CPSC does not provide oversight to the pet product industry.

The manufacturers for most pet products are not required to meet performance criteria or even test their products.   The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) program. The CPS tests products, monitors and reports safety flaws.  To learn more about CPS  click here.

 Click here to watch the crash testing performed by CPS on various pet harnesses and carriers.
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