Wearable Tech Devices for Pets

A Labrador retriever representing a pet wearing a one of the currently available wearable tech devices
Wearable pet devices may help us monitor our pet’s activity and location.

New wearable tech devices can now allow your pet to be just as healthy as you. You can now track your pet’s daily adventures with activity monitors, GPS devices, and wearable cameras.  Your veterinarian can also collect data with these wearable tech devices to improve your pet’s health care. Continue reading “Wearable Tech Devices for Pets”

Dog’s paw pads can burn: Know how to protect the paws

Dog's paw pads can burn walking on hot pavement or asphalt. A comparison of air temperature versus asphalt temperatures are shown to be very different
Dogs will walk anywhere for their owner, even on hot pavement. Walking on the hot pavement can cause painful burns to your dog’s paw pads.

Dog’s paw pads are tough.  Most people know that a dog’s paw pads can get injured by walking on sharp objects, but did you know that they can also become burned from walking on hot pavement?   Pavement, tennis courts and any other surface that heats up can cause burns.  Know how to protect your dog’s paw pads this summer.


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Dog Tricks and Tricky Dogs!

Dog tricks allow dogs to get what they want. Two goldens, one finding something interesting get the other to drop what he had and pay attention to the other dog's find
By pretending to find something interesting a dog can trick his buddy into dropping what she was doing

Did you know your dog has the ability to intentionally deceive you? Dog tricks enable our friends to get what they want, from other dogs and from their humans. That sly look may not be as innocent as scientists once thought! Doggie deceptive behaviors enable our canine friends to abscond with treats or get the best sleeping spots. Our clever canines know how to read us. They figure out if we are competitors or accomplices. If we are competitors, our dogs can use deception to lead us astray. If we are accomplices, they certainly know how to enlist our help. Our devious dogs know the art of tactical misdirection. Continue reading “Dog Tricks and Tricky Dogs!”

Fear of Thunderstorms and Fireworks in Dogs

A dog hiding under the bed representing fear of thunderstorms and fireworks.
Thunderstorms and fireworks can create fear and stress for our dogs.

Fear of thunderstorms and fireworks is common in dogs.  Pet owners spend countless hours trying to calm their frenzied friend at home.   They also worry about their pets at home alone during a storm or fireworks event.  A variety of behavior modification techniques, tools, supplements, and medications can be used to help calm their pet dog’s fear. Continue reading “Fear of Thunderstorms and Fireworks in Dogs”

Stress Free Veterinary Visits For Your Cat

Stress free veterinary visits for your cat. Cat sitting and relaxing in a carrier with the door open.
Stress free veterinary visits for your cat starts with the carrier. Allowing your cat time to hang out in their carrier can decrease the stress of traveling to the veterinarian.

Annual veterinary visits and preventative health care help keep your cat healthy.  However, many cats become very stressed visiting their veterinarian. They resist getting into the carrier to travel.   It is no wonder surveys reveal that many feline pet owners do not bring their cats to the veterinarian for yearly check ups.   We have some tips on how to have  stress free veterinary visits for your cat.



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Dog Vocabulary Lessons – Speak! – They Really Do Get You

Dog vocabulary includes not just actual words but understanding intonation and meaning as well. A large golden shown playing with a toy as directed by his owner
Dogs understand more than just our words. They grasp our intent when we speak to them.

Guess what. Dog vocabulary lessons are for real. Your dog has an incredible human vocabulary. Not only that, if you say words like “good dog” in a neutral tone of voice, they still get you.  Dogs can also understand tone of voice and how it relates to words. If you say “good dog” in that happy excited voice, it gives even a bigger effect. Of course, if you say “Let’s go to the vet” in an excited tone, your dog will likely not be fooled. They understand the learned words. Dogs have an incredible understanding of what you say and how you say it. Read on to learn what we now know about dog vocabulary and language skills.

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Pet Ownership – Health Benefits for Children

A golden retriever dog sitting next to a girl representing how pet ownership helps reduce anxiety in a child
Pet ownership can help reduce anxiety in children.

A pet dog can provide love and companionship to children.  Researchers recently found in a study that pet ownership may also boost kids’ mental health.  Our children’s health in modern society is of great concern.  Obesity, inactivity, anxiety, mental health issues, and stress are problems our kids face. They can begin in childhood and persist throughout life.  These problems appear to be more common today than in the past.  Interacting with a family dog may help to reduce these worrisome trends and provide our children with more balanced early years of development. Continue reading “Pet Ownership – Health Benefits for Children”

Tick Carried Diseases – The Growing Threat

picture of a white footed mouse that is able to carry ticks and tick carried diseases
The white footed field mouse can carry upwards of 50-100 ticks that transmit tick carried diseases.

The number of ticks and tick carried diseases are on the rise in our environment. Chester County Pennsylvania is not unique to this growing threat.  Studies have shown and have been able to predict this increase in tick borne illnesses by studying mice, in particular the White-footed field mouse.


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Genetic Testing For Pets – More Than Just Who Am I

Genetic Testing for Pets can tell you which of these dogs are pure bred and what mixture of breeds make up the others. Shown are two goldens, one collie and 4 dogs of uncertain genetics
Four of these dogs are of undocumented heritage. Who are they really? Genetic testing could tell.

Genetic testing for pets may do much more than answer the question heard almost daily in veterinary offices: “What breed do you think my dog (cat) is?” In the past, as a veterinarian, I would point to the chart of dog or cat breeds hanging on the wall. I would suggest the owner to cut and paste the ears, nose, tail, feet, etc. from the breeds pictured to make up their mixed breed’s possible heritage. Today, in a world of 23andMe for humans, genetic testing for our dogs and cats is finally coming of age. Continue reading “Genetic Testing For Pets – More Than Just Who Am I”

Pet Travel – Preparation and Certification

Pet travel photo showing a chocolate labrador on top of suitcases
Pet travel can be fun for you and your furry friend.

Pet travel has increased in popularity as our lives become more globalized.  Pets are important family members and are often included in our vacation plans.  Individuals with service animals need to bring them along for assistance.  People move frequently due to job changes.  Popular transportation options for pets include driving by the owner or a transportation company and flying on an airplane.  Pre-travel health evaluation and certification by a veterinarian (if needed).  Special planning by the owner facilitates travel, reduces stress for you and your pet, and ensures your pet’s safety during travel. Continue reading “Pet Travel – Preparation and Certification”