Canine Body Language- The Fear Factor

Canine body language. Chihuahua sitting with foot up and ears back showing signs of fear
Our dogs tell us a lot about how they feel in a given situation by how they behave.

Our dogs tell us how they feel through their behavior.  Careful observation of canine body language during a new situation can help us understand our furry friends better. Fear and anxiety are common responses to new situations, smells, sights and sounds.  An example of this is a sudden loud noise.   Some dogs may  run away from the sound, others may cower under the dining room table.  Another dog may respond to the same sudden sound by barking and pacing.  Which dog is your dog?




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Pet Food Marketing – Pass the Quinoa!

golden retriever with a mouth full of carrots as part of pet food marketing
Are you selecting your pet’s food because it looks appetizing to you? Pet food marketers hope so.

Pet food marketing is a really big deal. Creative advertising for the next “new and improved” thing often influences our choices. Should I be feeding Fido a “Paleo” diet, a gluten free diet, a meat by-product free diet? Does my dog want to eat like a wolf and my cat like a mountain lion? Are corn and soy bad? Are tapioca and quinoa good? How much of that ingredient list the pet food is actually directed at me? Am I buying pet foods based on my own tastes? What about nutrition? What’s a pet owner to do?!? Continue reading “Pet Food Marketing – Pass the Quinoa!”

Pet Health Insurance

A picture of a yellow labrador retriever and a kitten respresenting pets covered by pet health insurance
Pet health insurance can help owners cover the cost of pet care.

Pet health insurance receives a lot of buzz in the pet world these days.  People can buy insurance plans for their pets.  Some pet owners can even get pet insurance as a benefit at their workplace. It is considered one of the fastest-growing optional employee benefits.   Before you make the choice to purchase a plan, it is important to read the fine print.  Some plans may not offer much advantage over paying out of pocket for your pet’s care.

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Why Dogs Eat Grass.

Brown and white dog eating a blade of grass. Why do dogs eat grass?
Many people ask the question why do dogs eat grass? What about grass makes them want to eat it?

Why do dogs eat grass?  Humans have long asked that question.  Your dog goes outdoors and immediately runs to the tall grass and starts grazing.  What is a dog owner to do? Your dog is clearly not part cow, so why are they grazing? Are they hungry, sick, or bored?   Will eating grass harm them? These are the questions we hope to answer.







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Pet Toys! How to Chose a New Favorite.

With so many pet toys to chose from, how do you know which are the best for your pet? Shown is a grey faced golden retriever with a mouth full of various toys
With so many pet toys to chose from, how do you know which are the best for your pet?

Have you been shopping for pet toys recently? Just walking into a pet store or taking a look on-line can be overwhelming! We all want to pick safe and entertaining toys for our pets.  Of course, spending all that money on a toy that sits ignored or is shredded within minutes can be frustrating, too. Help is on the way. Read on…. Continue reading “Pet Toys! How to Chose a New Favorite.”

Pet Physical Therapy

A calico cat walking on an underwater treadmill representing how animals participate in pet physical therapy
Pet physical therapy can benefit many animals after surgery or an injury.

Pets benefit from physical therapy in many of the same ways as people. Injuries, arthritis, and surgical recovery are treated with physical therapy in in people.  Now pet physical therapy aims to reduce pain, speed healing after surgery, improve flexibility, build muscle, and fight obesity.  Special facilities offer underwater and regular treadmills, swimming exercises in pools, massage therapy, strength exercises, laser therapy, acupuncture, and balance training. Continue reading “Pet Physical Therapy”

Can dogs recognize human expressions?

dog face looking intently up with a head tilt. dog recognizes human expressions
Dogs watch our expressions as much as they listen to our words.

Have you ever wondered why your dog is looking at you that way? The head tilt to the side, or the wagging of the tail when you look at them.  How do they know to come over to us and rest their head on our lap when we are sad? How do they know to drop their ball at our feet to play? Can dogs recognize human expressions? Scientists have often pondered these questions and have recently performed some very interesting studies. Spoiler alert. Your dog knows when you are smiling.
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Pet Loss. You Are Not Alone In Your Grief

pet loss affects no only the owners, but other companion animals in the house as well. Shown is an older golden retriever resting under bleeding heart plant
Loss of a companion pet affects all the other pets in the household

The loss of a beloved pet is devastating. It can take a long time to adjust. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the grief from pet loss at some point in our lives.We cry. Either we want to be left alone or we seek out friends or family, or our other pets. We lose our appetites. Seeing once shared places and activities cause saddened emotional responses.  We are not alone in our grief.  In multiple pet households, the loss of one pet also affects the lives of those pets left behind. Continue reading to learn how your pets grieve and what you can do to help them through. Continue reading “Pet Loss. You Are Not Alone In Your Grief”

Wearable Tech Devices for Pets

A Labrador retriever representing a pet wearing a one of the currently available wearable tech devices
Wearable pet devices may help us monitor our pet’s activity and location.

New wearable tech devices can now allow your pet to be just as healthy as you. You can now track your pet’s daily adventures with activity monitors, GPS devices, and wearable cameras.  Your veterinarian can also collect data with these wearable tech devices to improve your pet’s health care. Continue reading “Wearable Tech Devices for Pets”

Dog’s paw pads can burn: Know how to protect the paws

Dog's paw pads can burn walking on hot pavement or asphalt. A comparison of air temperature versus asphalt temperatures are shown to be very different
Dogs will walk anywhere for their owner, even on hot pavement. Walking on the hot pavement can cause painful burns to your dog’s paw pads.

Dog’s paw pads are tough.  Most people know that a dog’s paw pads can get injured by walking on sharp objects, but did you know that they can also become burned from walking on hot pavement?   Pavement, tennis courts and any other surface that heats up can cause burns.  Know how to protect your dog’s paw pads this summer.


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